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【世界チャンプKVDに学ぶ】トーナメントの勝ち方 ’1dayトーナメントの場合’


【世界チャンプKVDに学ぶ】トーナメントの勝ち方 ’プラクティス編’





1. Nutrition, rest, maintenance and weather”栄養・休息・メンテナンス・天候”

Everything I said in Parts 1 and 2 apply. They are every bit as important in a multiday event, maybe more so.

“You’ve got to last two, three or four days. Food and rest are critical if you expect to do your best. Some guys may be able to fish one day tired and hungry — although not as well as they think they can — but no one can last four days that way. It can’t be done.

“Equipment and maintenance as well as weather are important, too. I suggest you reread those topics in Parts 1 and 2 if you have any doubt about what I’m saying


  1. 複数日行われるトーナメントの場合2日目、3日目、4日目を迎えた時、貴方がベストを尽くす為には食事と休息は極めて重要。
  2. 1dayトーネメントであれば、疲れててもお腹が空いてても問題ないが、長期戦うトーナメントになると、そんな事は誰も出来ない、無理な事。※道具、メンテナンス、そして天候は非常に重要。


2. Practice”試合前の公式練習”


My practice for Elite Events — they’re four days long — is fairly basic. We have three days to practice. In a perfect world I spend the first day looking around the lake. I want to know what’s there, what’s available and maybe what I haven’t seen before. I may fish some, but not a lot.

“On day two I try to develop my primary pattern. I try to find enough spots to last the whole event, and then maybe a couple of extras in case I get competition on them from other competitors or recreational anglers.

“The last day I try to develop patterns I don’t think I’ll need. It’s a safety measure in my mind. For instance, if I’m catching bass deep on crankbaits I might try to develop a topwater pattern or maybe a jig or drop shot pattern. This is my insurance policy. If the weather changes unexpectedly or something else goes haywire, I have a fallback position.

“Note, however, that I say ‘perfect world’ as I discuss this routine. Things aren’t always perfect. I may have to spend extra time looking around. Or, maybe I have difficulty developing a primary pattern. Then I spend the third day working on that and hope for the best. If my practice is shorter or longer than three days, I adjust my time accordingly.

“Practice is a matter of strategy and time management. If possible, after practice you should know the water, have a go-to pattern, and a backup pattern. Be prepared for the expected and the unexpected.

  1. エリートは基本的に4日間試合が行われます
  2. 限られた試合前の3日間の練習での初日は湖全体を見て回って、どこに何があるかを知り、試合でそれが利用可能なものかを知る。
  3. 公式練習2日目は、試合で使うメインパターンを探し、4日間戦い抜くために他のコンペティターとのエリアのバッティングに備えて十分なスポットを探します。
  4. 最終日は、自分のメンタルの安定をさせるために自分が必要と思ってないパターンを試します。例えば、ディープクランキングでバスを釣った時に、トップウォーターパターンやジグやドロップショットのパターンを試すなど。


3. Manage your fish”あなたの魚を管理する”


This one can be tough. In practice you need to find bass, but don’t get carried away with fishing a spot too long. Find it and get away from it. Save the details for competition days.

“When competition arrives you’ve got to manage your spots for maximum weight. If you’re on a spot that’s holding 2-pounders — and nothing bigger — don’t fish it too long. Take your limit every day and get away from it.

“But if it’s a feeding spot and bigger fish are likely to move in, you need to catch them — now. Remember, tournaments are total weight. A heavy bag on the first day is as good as a heavy bag on the last day.
“You also need to watch for the other competitors and the spectators. If your spots become public you may not have to worry about coming back. In that case you can fish them any way you want. But don’t forget that you’ll need enough places to fish to last the entire tournament. Don’t run yourself short — and you won’t if you practiced correctly.


  1. プラクティスでは魚を探さないといけなく、魚を見つけたらそのエリアから離れてそのスポットのバスをセーブする事。
  2. 試合中そのエリアのバスのマックスウェイトを気にすること。2ポンド以上デカイのが釣れなければそこでリミットが揃ったら即移動
  3. もし、そのエリアがフィーディングエリアでデカイのが入ってくる場合は、デカイのを釣るべき。初日、最終日とウェイトが重いのがいい事。
  4. 他のコンペティターや観客も見ておかなければならな。もしあなたのスポットが公開された場合、再度戻れるか心配して戻ってくる必要はありません。(諦めろって事ですかね?)こうなる場合の為にもプラの時点でたくさんスポットを見つけとけって事ですかね?・・・・。笑


4. Keep a positive mental attitude”ポジティブ思考を保つ”

I’ve ended every part of this series with this thought: No such thing as bad luck and no such thing as a slump; every cast is a new opportunity. Need I say anything else?

バッドラック(good luckの真逆)とスランプなんて関係ないんだ!!







釣り&魚好き専門のスマホケース Angler's Case


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